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Our climate

Located by the foothills of the majestic Southern Alps, we have a glorious mountain view, which is spectacular in winter when the peaks are covered in snow. Time will tell how much of that remains after we plant over 3600 shelter belt trees and many more cropping trees.

We quite like the view, but our trees aren't so keen on it.

Walnuts are sensitive to late frosts, which can kill the flowers (the tree is not usually affected). Canterbury also has extremely strong winds, typically around 60kph, which can also cause damage to new shoots. Of course, a bit of wind is also necessary for pollination... our battle will be to work with nature and create an optimal microclimate for our trees, within the overall constraints of the location.

Hazelnuts are supposed to be frost hardy and relatively wind hardy too, but we have our doubts as our trees are struggling to establish well.


Year Rainfall (mm)
2005 522
2006 1022