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The path of our land development has been roughly thus:

History (-Dec 03), before the hard work.
First 6 months (Jan-Jun 04), prepare the land by cultivation.
Second six months (Jul-Dec 04), plant some trees and watch them grow.
Next six months (Jan-Jun 05), prepare for the next round of planting...
Round two (Jun-Dec 05), plant some more trees.
Settling into a routine (Jan-Jun 06), start taking responsibility for day-to-day care of the land
Half way there! (Jul-Dec 06), another round of planting.
Looking back and looking forward (Jan-Jun 07), managing the first 20 acres
Just like starting over (Jul-Dec 07), we start on the eastern side
Taking a breather (Jan-Jun08), consolidating our efforts
What... nothing to do? (Jul-Dec08), our first winter not planting in 5 years!
Familiar territory (Jan-Jun09), another summer of managing the orchard, and a modest crop at the end of it!
Stability and busy-ness (Jul-Dec09), things start to come together
Small steps (Jan-Jun10), we move to the farm and gather a (very) small crop.

And periodic updates on our native regeneration project and the vineyard.

12 July 20045 February 2005