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Development - at the halfway mark, looking back and looking forward

January - June 2007

January 2007 - The hay is taken in preparation for cultivating the eastern half.

4 January 2007 - before......and after

February 2007- Cultivation part 2 - the return of the tractor!

3 February 2007 - first cultivation11 February 2007 - second cultivation


February 2007 - The remaining pine shelterbelt in the houseblock is cut down, so that we can cultivate the area where the trees have come out of and also so that we can burn off the branches before we have cropping trees all around. This time, we found a contractor who wanted to take the trunks for firewood so we only had the branches left to deal with - compared with last time (where we had to burn off the whole lot, about 50 mature trees) the residue was much less.

2004 bonfire pile2007 bonfire pile...and what was left after

April/May 2007 - All in all we are pleased that the trees are starting to look like trees, although it hasn't been a brilliant growing season for us. Extreme winds over spring and a cool, wet summer mean the hazels got a little battered and didn't grow as quickly as they might have. On the other hand, the shelterbelts loved the extra water and have grown quite significantly...

6 April 2007


An important development was the building of a cottage, to give Emma somewhere to hide with her Ngoai while her parents are working outside. Mike was kind enough to help fit out the interior, so it is well insulated and fully clad. A lovely wee house for her, which she allows the rest of us to share.

17 April 200717 June 2007

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