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Development - Taking a breather

January - June 2008

January - We spent New Year's Eve on the land and Sarah shot her first hare a couple of days later from 60 m.

We have decided to take a bit of a breather in development as we let the trees consolidate and get our management regime into shape. We have re-equipped ourselves:


We have discovered that compared with the 45 minutes per block it takes to mow using the tractor, a large ride-on will zip through a block in 15 minutes. We have upgraded



And we have also invested in a PTO driven spray tank. It delivers 300 litres much faster than when you are walking around with 15 litre backpacks, and it's much easier on the legs too.

Pruning this year started under a brilliant blue sky... with glistening white snow underfoot. The light was crisp and clear, but the toes were cold by the end of the day. Winter started early and hard in 2008, especially compared with 2007.


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