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Development - Familiar Territory

January - June 2009

It finally feels like we are starting to hit our stride with management of our orchard. Not that we are achieving stunning results, but just that we know what tasks we need to do, can plan for them, and are equipped to do things effectively and efficiently. That's a lot of progress for people who started by doing things on the smallest possible scale and quickly found it all impossible.

Our trees are finally starting to take shape, the oldest ones are just starting to look like they may one day be worthy of the name tree, instead of just straggly sticks in the ground. And this April we were rewarded with our first harvest of around 8kg of nuts (small, but significant in our minds). We also had around 10kg of apples off our Boskoop, which was a source of great satisfaction for us.

4 April - Emma helps pick the apples.


13 June - definitely autumn, the trees have all lost their leaves and the light is much more golden in the afternoons. We have started pruning, and have another year with no planting so hopefully there will be time to get everything we want done.


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