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Development - Stability and Busy-ness

July - December 2009

The start of another orchard year, and we are back into the swing of pruning, with fine plans for spraying early to try and hit the weeds before they emerge, and also get our trees in good health for another growing season.

Pruning was interesting this year, we were more heartened than we thought by the state of some of the trees, although there are still plenty of others which are in a sorry state. The trees in the front half of A1 are coming along quite well and the trees in GH are definitely settling in for some good growth. The B blocks were better than I expected - still some way behind A, but no longer little sticks that need to hide away in their sleeves.

No planting this winter, we are keeping well occupied with preparing to move out to the land. Finally.


The house, under development.

This year we applied 2 tonnes of granular fertiliser, manually, but with help from many friends including Mi Suk and Seo Hyong.

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