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Growing Up - Crawling, babbling and living life to the full,

Our little farming crew increased by one on 6 March 2007, with the arrival of Emma Kim-Hoa Shore.

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31 December 200725 Decembre 2007

It's New Year - can we party?!?!?!?!

Emma's first New Year was spent on the land, overnighting in her cottage. Her very first pyjama party. As for Christmas, she worked out pretty soon what it was all about - the wrapping paper.


Superstar Emma

Look like anyone famous that you know? Well, not quite. One of the nappy companies was running a promotion where you could see what your baby would look like on the cover of a magazine, and we couldn't resist trying it out. However, we haven't been besieged by talent agents wanting to turn her into Hollywood property.

It was a busy end to the year, with a trip to Melbourne for a family wedding - and a chance for Emma to meet lots of her cousins. We also had a picnic with all our baby friends (and their parents, someone has to carry the picnic basket!).

4 December 2007
25 November 2007
4 December 2007 - This is your captain speaking, please fasten your seatbelts... 25 November 2007 - Picnic in the park with all the babies. Charlotte, Lauren, Joshua, Sam, Mckenzie, Molly, Emma, Gizelle and Amelie.

October was a month of extremes, with a scary bout of "something viral but not measles" and then a full recovery to her normal cheeky self.

31 October 2007
6 November 2007
31 October - Mmmmm, fo-o-o-o-o-od. 6 November - No daddy, this is how you do it. Let me show you.
1 October 2007
23 October 2007
1 October - spotty Emma. 23 October - Oh, ice-cream? For me?


21 September 200721 September 2007
Very much a people person...
21 September 20071 September 2007
Emma leads an active life, and is now almost able to sit up by herself. We have just put up the exersaucer which a friend has loaned us - which Malcolm calls her 'Playstation'. Life can be tiring for a little girl, though.