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No time for sitting still

Two years old, militantly independent and willing and capable of expressing herself.

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Daddy's big red tractorTractor book
Big green tractorTractor cake

Machinery is in her blood... Emma was riding the tractor with her mum for the nine months before she was born, so it's not really much of a surprise that she still wants to now that she can reach the handles for herself. Her first complex sentence as she is learning to speak was "Emma help Daddy put big green tractor in garage". Accordingly, we made her a birthday cake in the shape of Mummy's big green tractor this year. Her favourite present was a Terrific Tractor book, complete with steering wheel.


Emma investigating the dress-up potential of her Vietnamese heritage.



In early April, Emma had her first horse ride, on a pony called Marley at Ferrymead.

And at Easter, Emma demonstrated her understanding of the fine art of chocolate bunny consumption. Step one, start with the ears. It also didn't take her long to realise that it tasted better after the plastic was removed.



April 2009 - Emma helping put bark down at the front entrance.


August 2009 - Emma exploring her personal forest (the front tree area).


Hanmer Horses

December 2009 - Emma has another horsey encounter, in Hanmer.



December 2009 - Emma helps prepare for Christmas, in our new kitchen on the farm.