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A growing family

Emma is a big three-year old, and a big sister.

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September 2010 - Emma by the pedestrian footbridge near Medway St in Avonside, which was severely warped by the magnitude 7.1 earthquake on 4 September.


Our girls sharing smiles in November/December 2010. At the local Plunket fundraiser (mother and baby care organisation), Emma was shy of having her face painted... until she saw Lizzie had hers done!

October - our new pets, 7 chickens. Emma chose their names - Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail and Peter - which was a sourc eof confusion for many well-meaning people, who thought we must have rabbits.


March 2010 - Emma visits her cousins in Sydney.


Emma welcomes visitors to her farm - a digger outside the living room window, and a hot air balloon that floated over the house and landed in the paddock next door.

Emma's birthday present this year was a pink big-girl bike, which she loves to ride around. This term, her grandmother has started to go swimming with her so that it isn't a shock next term, when Mummy can't...

March 2010 - harvest helper. Emma helped harvest the hazelnuts, and sort them.

April 2010 - On 1 April, Emma became a big sister with the arrival of little Elizabeth.