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Change of scene

Life with two lovely, lively girls in Melbourne. We moved here from the farm at the end of September 2011. Life here is full of fun new things to try, but we're missing our beautiful patch of land.

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11 April - It was school holidays, so I took the girls to Melbourne Museum. The original intention was to look at the dinosaurs, but the kids' centre was a real hit.



9 April 2012 - Family photo, before heading back to Melbourne.



8 April 2012 - A trip to Deans Bush in Christchurch, to remind everyone about the special things about NZ. The tranquility and sense of nature is unbeatable.



7 April 2012 - We visited a friend's farm near Darfield and the girls got up-close with the pet livestock.



Easter 2012 - We took the girls home for a visit to catch up with friends, and did a mini-harvest of a few rows of hazelnuts. The farm is looking good and it was like old (old, old, old - before we built the house!) times having a picnic in the orchard.


3 February 2012 - Emma's first day of school.

10 February 2012 - Emma's 5th birthday party.


At the petting zoo in Collingwood. Emma got up close with a pony and a guinea pig. (So did Lizzie, but she doesn't stay still for long enough to be photographed).

My princesses, in the fort at Burden Park.


The beginning and the end - Emma's "graduation" from preschool, and Chinese New Year celebrations at our local shopping centre, Box Hill.


28 January 2012 - playground equipment with a difference, at Fitzroy Gardens.

31 December 2011 - Melbourne Zoo. Emma loved the old fashioned merry-go-round.


November 2011 - Lizzie's personality shines out in this photo. She strode into the room while we were eating, with an enormous satisfied grin on her face. Hopefully it goes without saying that she dressed herself!

A far cry from our haven in Oxford. Our Melbourne house, on a busy four-lane road.

Emma is teaching Lizzie all sorts of things. From how to jump, on the trampoline that came with the house, to how to sit nicely. Emma learned this at preschool and is happy to receive praise. Lizzie learned this from Emma, and is happy ot receive food.

Christmas 2011 - one celebration in Melbourne, and a get-together with the extended family in Sydney.