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You already know we're building, otherwise you wouldn't have reached this page :-)

But this seems like a good way to let people keep in touch with where we're up to, without overloading them with stuff they don't care about. We plan to update these pages week by week (I know that's optimistic) with photos of progress.

15/5/2009: We don't have a firm project plan yet, but we hope to be in there by Christmas.
28/6/2009: We have been told work should be complete by 16 October.
15/9/2009: We have had about a month of slip on the brickwork alone, which means that February may be more likely than Christmas (the whole building trade closes down for about a month over Christmas). Oh well.
18/9/2009: Well, it never hurts to ask the question and they are confident we will be in for Christmas... YAAY!!!
2/11/2009: Still going well, movers are booked for 17 December!!!

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