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House Block - one day we hope to live here!

The aim of this development is to have the property producing a commercial quantity of nuts by 2010, so that we can build a house and live there in comfort (more or less). As well as establishing the orchard areas, we are also planning the house block so that it ends up as an appealing place to live. We have some solid leyland cypress giving us shelter on the southern side, and will have a stunning view into the orchard blocks and inland to the mountains (until the shelter belts grow too tall to see over).

As if several thousand nut trees wasn't enough to keep us occupied, we are also planting a small home orchard to keep us supplied with fresh fruit.

Existing macrocarpa shelter belt (extremely dense) Planned house location Pump shed Apricot (Trevatt) Apricot (Sundrop) Peach (Dixie Red) Peach (Blackboy) Almond (Fabrin) Almond (403) Apple (Hetlina) Apple (Boskoop) Cherry (Lapins) Persimmon Nectarine (Goldmine) Nectarine (Firebright) Peach (Golden Queen) Pear (WBC) Pear (DDC) Plum (Duffs Early Jewel) Plum (Omega)
Tree Plant Date Description
Apricot - Trevatt winter 2004 Late variety. Medium sized golden-yellow fruit. Hardy.
Apricot - Sundrop winter 2004 Ripens late December, large orange fruit. Excellent flavour. Trevatt helps pollination.
Peach - Blackboy winter 2004  
Peach - Dixie Red winter 2004  
Almond - Fabrin late spring 2004 Medium to soft shell, mild flavour. Prolific.
Almond - 403 spring 2005 Early and prolific bearer with sweet, mild flavoured nuts. Large, soft-shelled variety.
Apple - Hetlina autumn 2005  
Apple - Boskoop autumn 2005  
Persimmon - Fuyu late spring 2005 Late cropping. Medium to large, deep orange fruit. Keeps well. Vigorous grower. Best grown in a sheltered, warm site with good soil and drainage. Hardy to about -8'C. Main commercial variety.
Cherry - Lapin spring 2005 Mid to late season. Large, dark red fruit with juicy firm flesh. Self-fertile.
Apricot - Moorpark spring 2005 Late variety. Medium sized fruit suitable for cooking or drying. Self-fertile.
Nectarine - Firebright spring 2005  
Nectarine - Goldmine spring 2005 Mid-season fruit with red over green skin and white flesh.
Peach - Golden Queen spring 2005  
Plum - Omega spring 2005 Ripens mid-February. Large dessert fruit, red skin and flesh.
Plum - Duff's Early Jewel spring 2005  
Pear - Doyenne du Comice spring 2005  
Pear - William Bon Chretien spring 2005  
Quince - Smyrna spring 2006 Ripens late March. Prolific bearer with very large, lemon-yellow fruit with a distinctive aroma. Makes excellent jelly. Origin: Turkey.
Cherry, sour - Oblacinska spring 2005 Red skin and flesh. Small tree, ideal for smaller gardens. Origin: Yugoslavia.
Pecan spring 2005