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It's a lifestyle choice

After a day's work it's quite pleasant to follow the rest of the flock down to our local, the West Oxford Hotel.

A few words about the West Oxford Pub. The pub is run by a very nice landlord called Bill, for whom nothing is too much trouble. When asked if he could provide dinner for a few helpers during planting, it was no trouble at all. The fact that it was his day off and the pub was shut was one of those irrelevancies which seem not to be so irrelevant in the city.... The West Oxford Pub is all about families, about being a social venue (yes, there's a pub social club), and about being a 'local'. And when Eddie Charlton comes to town, its an opportunity to play pool against one of the great masters, and then spend the night as a guest of the establishment! All in all, the West Oxford Pub is one of New Zealand's understated hidden gems.