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Planting, Phase 2 — 22-23 June 2005

This year, planting arrived early. At the start of June Stephen confirmed our dates as 16-17 June, but then rang to say that some of the vital supplies (green plastic sleeves) hadn't arrived yet. Did we want to go ahead anyway? With our marauding bunnies? No thanks. So it got put back a week and we went to the Hazelnut Growers' Association AGM in Blenheim instead.

We were lucky with the weather. Despite the predicted rain, we had two gloriously calm days, one sunny and one overcast but at least dry. Once again we were assisted by Stephen's planting machine and a crew of staunch friends, willing to give their time for a day of hard yakka.

The crew - 23/06/05Progress 22/06/05
Planting tractorPlanting tractorTree-planting machine

Qi and Yi ready to start the day.  Can we drive?Even bigger machinery!!

The tractor this year was bigger than last year's dinky blue toy, and the whole set-up quite appealed to people with a mechanical bent.