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For a while we've been looking for the definitive resource on growing hazelnuts in New Zealand, or perhaps even something on establishing a commerical hazelnut orchard, but we haven't come across it yet. If you think you can guide us to this resource, please let us know - but until then, we have decided to start putting together some information of our own, to try and help others in the same situation. Here's a start on the things we wish we'd known when we started.

A very, very useful resource is the Walnut Growers' Manual, produced by the Walnut Industry Group here in NZ, and maybe sometime in the future the Hazelnut Growers' Association will pull together the collected experience of its members and bring out something similar.

Producer groups and associations
Scientific research
Commercial tree crop organisations (nurseries and processors)
List of acronyms and abbreviations
Local councils and Government authorities
Books and websites we found useful

Producer groups and industry associations

New Zealand Tree Croppers Association (NZTCA)
Walnut Industry Group
Hazelnut Growers' Association  
The Hazelnut Company hazelnut processing company in Christchurch. Supplies fresh and roasted hazelnuts to the New Zealand market.
New Zealand Chestnut Council Inc
Hazelnut Growers of Australia
US Hazelnut Industry America's version of the HGA, based in Oregon.

Scientific research groups


A privatised Crown Research Institute working to identify potentially profitable new crops for New Zealand, and support industry in maximising the potential of current crops.

LandCare Research An environmental research organisation "specialising in sustainable management of land resources optimising primary production, enhancing biodiversity, increasing the resource efficiency of businesses, and conserving and restoring the natural assets of our communities".
HortNET "An information centre for New Zealand's plant-based industries"
New Zealand Ecological Restoration Network A non-profit, community-driven organisation dedicated to sharing knowledge and experiences about native habitat protection, management and ecological restoration in New Zealand. The website also offers an extremely useful tool for selecting appropriate native species for particular regaions, based on soil and climate conditions.

Nurseries and processors

We do not endorse any of these companies and you should exercise your own judgement when using their products or services.

Nutt Ranch

A family-owned hazelnut grower and processor in Marlborough. Products include roasted hazelnuts and processed products including oil, paste, hazelnut flour and dukkah (available by mail order).

Hazelnut Nurseries Nursery specialising in hazelnut trees for commercial planting. Located just outside Waiau (North Canterbury), Hazelnut Nurseries also has an orchard of 1400 trees and is involved in processing as well as contract orchard maintenance.
Southern Woods Tree Nursery A major supplier of all sorts of trees, including shelter and specimen trees as well as tree crops.
Quality Tree Company Supplier of trees and advice to landscape contractors, lifestyle block owners, and home gardeners. Specialist propagators of walnuts, hazlenuts and fruit trees.

Acronyms and Abbreviations

NZTCA New Zealand Tree Croppers Association
WIG Walnut Industry Group
HGANZ Hazelnut Growers' Association of New Zealand
SNGA Southern Nut Growers' Association
DOC Department of Conservation
ECan Environment Canterbury (formerly Canterbury Regional Council)

Regional bodies, local councils, government authorities and regulations

Environment Canterbury Canterbury Regional Council
Department of Conservation
Waimakiriri District Council

Books and Websites

Frederick Rosengarten,
Handbook of Edible Nuts
(ISBN 0-8027-0769-6)
A comprehensive guide to nut trees and their growing habits.
Advanced Nutrients website

Information on trace elements and plant nutrients and the symptoms of undersupply or oversupply of micronutrients to the plant (such as magnesium, calcium, boron, nitrogen etc).